Wrestling and Drugs They Don’t Mix

WWE suspensions are becoming more common, and now that the sports industry is cracking down on drug use. Pro-wrestling is not far behind. As you might be aware of, a few superstars were suspended for drug use. The stars were Booker T, Edge, Chavo, and a few others. Edge and Chavo did come back to work after meeting the WWE suspensions that were laid down. But Booker T didn’t and went to TNA. Booker T did what many have done before him. Like Christian, Tomko, Kurt Angle, and Scott Steiner. All went to TNA because they were annoyed with the WWE for suspending them.

But I think that the WWE suspensions are good for the sport. And if the sport of Pro wrestling is to continue to grow than suspensions are going to be needed to help keep the industry clean and maintain its credibility. Those members of the WWE that want to continue to be a part of the WWE will have to follow the example set by Edge and Chavo, cleaning themselves up, Thus maintaining there position with the WWE, and not losing them to a contending industry.

Other wrestling organizations such TNA will be next on the chocking block and will be forced to have there wrestlers cleaned up. The WWE started to screen out steroid use in the nineties and will continue to screen there wrestlers in the years to come. As fans of wrestling, I think we will hear more and more of WWE suspensions. They may eventually start making these drug suspensions televised, so we as fans know what’s going on. Televising these suspensions will certainly discourage a lot of the wrestlers that might be considering steroid use, and to reconsider steroid use as an option in there careers. Mr. McMahon will do what he has to do, in order to maintain the industry standards and assure continued growth in the wrestling industry, instead of destruction from within its ranks.

In my opinion the WWE is the best wresting organization for any wrestler to become a part of. And the WWE has no place for drugs in there organization. If the WWE suspensions are effective, then this will send a message to the INDY scene to keep it clean also. As more and more people get involved in the sport of professional wresting, the use of steroids and other drugs are going to always be a tempting solution. These drugs offer a huge advantage to building a bigger, stronger body much faster without the need of many hours of working out to achieve the same body mass. The WWE suspensions will help to keep a great industry like WWE. These high standards will set the stage for the next generation of wrestlers coming into the wrestling industry.


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