World’s Most Dangerous Stretch of Railway – Interior Assam

This is probably one of the bloodiest railway routes all across the world. Midst unparalleled genesis-ed natural beauty and brutal extremists and terrorists rule this unknown part of India by the name of Black Widow. 100s of security personnel have been killed over these years and least to say, whenever you travel this route you stick your head into the guillotine. Train Engineers being kidnapped and brutally murdered, maintenance staff being massacred has been common place on this track.

ULFA is the mother organisation that funds and seeds such terrorist groups. It has been a sad history for these beautiful hills. ULFA has had a history of extortion. It exhorts money out of railway contractors and the railways themselves through blackmail, kidnapping and murders. Though, in recent events, ULFA has been declared as a illegal organisation and after years of hard work by the Indian forces and government the hills have calmed down. Though it is still the eerie weird calm.

But the pristine and untouched nature is a sight to drool on as you will see in the video. So sit back and enjoy Interior Assam (From Lumding to Lower Haflong)
Just look out for the last shot, I think it is my shot of a lifetime… its Awesome!


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