Waking Up to the Truth – History of Conspiracies

Waking Up to the Truth – Uroko – History of Conspiracies – Full length

Uroko – (japanese): Scale (e.g. fish, serpent) “Uroko ga me kara ochiru”; japanese proverb (eng.) scales fall from one’s eyes.

It’s fairly simple. 9/11 became the excuse to invade Afghanistan. Then the Bush administration convinced us that who we really needed to invade was Iraq. These wars cost lots of money. Where did we get the money? Mostly by borrowing, that is selling US Treasury notes and bonds, or by simply creating new money. This drives the value of the dollar down. There is a common misconception about inflation. Most anyone will tell you it is the rising of prices. Rising prices are in fact the result of inflation, inflation simply being an increase in the money supply. The more dollars your print, the less they are worth. During Bush’s two terms, the Federal Reserve increased the money supply by a whopping 50%. And under Obama, they’ve doubled it.

Who got us into this mess? Well, the people who run the government, of course. Not the politicians…. but the people ‘behind the curtain’.

From the Federal Reserve, to secret societies, the origins of the ‘New World’, secret knowledge, and the false history of lies that have been sold to us, this documentary tackles it all, and exposes this global criminal conspiracy that is turning out to be true, as more and more evidence is unfolding.


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