UFO Hit By Lightning During Thunderstorm

On the 16th of January 2017 a UFO was hit by a lightning strike during a heavy thunderstorm in a mountain valley in France. The moment the lightning bolt hits the object, a smoke trail is visible. After the impact the UFO stays on course for some time untill the propulsion stops and the object starts a crash dive behind some mountains. The video clearly shows the moment of impact and the fact that it stays on it’s trajectory for some time. If it would have been a bird, this would not have happened. The lightning bolt holds 120.00 amperes/350 coulombs of electric charge/500 megajoules of energy. If it would have been a drone, it would have fallen from the sky immediatelly after the moment of impact. After the events there was no wreckage to be found in the area. Could it be that the UFO somehow continued it’s journey? Could it be that lightning is one of their weak spots?


Category: Never on TV, UFO
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