The Diana Conspiracy

2004 Documentary by author of the acclaimed book: “Diana: the Last Days”, Martyn Gregory examines in detail the allegations made that she died in a plot. Shortly after this film was made, the Coroner leading the inquests in Diana and Dodi’s deaths decided to call in the police to investigate the allegations. Gregory’s position turned out to be entirely vindicated three years and £3.69 million later. Refusing to give up despite this drubbing, a lengthy inquest was held in 2007 and 2008 before a Jury which returned a verdict that similarly agreed: Diana’s death was nothing more than a tragic accident and the allegations of foul play were entirely without evidence.

In this clip, Mohammed Fayed is seen making the allegation that Diana was pregnant with his grandchild when she died. The manager of the London mortuary her body was taken to describes the scene as her womb was examined post mortem. The author of the definitive and explosive biography of Mohammed Fayed: Tom Bower is seen to be further discrediting the allegations of conspiracy.


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