The Covert War on Iran

In an all-out war, Iran’s enemies including Israel and the West are seeking cunning strategies to hinder Iran’s peaceful nuclear technology and progress by every means possible. Despite all these desperate attempts which have turned into a matter of life and death for the West, the sabotage commanders and masterminds have not gained much. “Since 2009, not only has our nuclear industry not been suspended or gotten slower, it has even gotten faster,” says Dr. Ali Akbar Salehi, Head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization in PRESS TV’s new, exclusive documentary on the issue of industrial sabotage plotted and directed by Israel and its allies to target Iran’s peaceful nuclear activities in a hidden warfare.

Industrial sabotage, espionage attempts, cyber attacks, assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists, sanctions, and threats are high on this hidden agenda. Proofs and evidence are galore. Iran’s Atomic Organization displays, in an exhibition, industrial sabotage elements that have found their way into nuclear centrifuges. Moreover, cases of Iranian spies and moles that have been manipulated and recruited by Israel for espionage purposes under a myriad of disguises are interviewed to provide hard and solid evidence for this secret, unbalanced warfare. They are all victims of the West’s nasty scheme to halt Iran’s peaceful nuclear activities.
Iranian scientists and experts are skillfully counterattacking all this warfare and have gained a lot in this regard.


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