Sunset Over Selungo – 2014

From a remote village, deep in the rainforest of Borneo, comes an inspiring true story about freedom and belonging. Â Following Dennis, Unyang and Sia of the Penan tribe, Sunset Over Selungo is an intimate insight into an isolated way of life built upon centuries of jungle survival.

At the outset of the story, we are introduced to the daily life of Sia and Unyang, Â a simple but fulfilling one that is one hundred percent dependent on the surrounding rainforests, and entirely devoid of the everyday conveniences that more industrialized urban civilizations take for granted. Â Beginning at 5:30 AM, Sia wakes and begins cooking for he and his wife, Â a steady diet of rice and fish caught by his own hand in the nearby river.

We then follow him out to do some of that fishing, which is not done via hook and line, but rather with a hand-crafted net. Afterwards, some time is spent showing the domestic lifestyle of Sia and Unyang, where they are given the opportunity to talk about the importance of hard work and how their mutual affinity for it is what sparked their union four decades prior.


About The Author

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