Proof Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 landed in Diego Garcia Conspiracy

IN light of the recent events surrounding the ill-fated MH370 flight that disappeared from radar detection in the early hours of March 8, numerous geographic locations have come to light, and one in particular that has become a point of interest among investigators and ordinary folk is a little-known spot in the middle of the Indian Ocean called Diego Garcia.

The atoll, which takes the form of a ring shaped reef, first came to world attention in 2004 after the Asian tsunami disaster and now has resurfaced thanks to conspiracy theories that have sprung up connecting MH370 to it.

Because of its favourable ocean topography, including a deep underwater trench, the island was shielded from major damage during the 2004 tsunami. While a 1.8m-high wave did hit the island, the underwater canyon essentially bore the brunt of the assault and there was no major impact on the island’s facilities or its people.


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