Nowear BMX Krazy Karl Hinkley 2015

My 2015 edit consists of footage from “The Nowear Compound” a place for any BMXer to enjoy in the Midwest. The past 2 years I have filmed random clips on both my brakeless and dual brake rides. I love doing goofy off the cuff stuff to change things up and put a smile on peoples faces. BMX is an amazing sport where your allowed to be different and express yourself in any fashion you choose so I figured it was appropriate to title my newest edit “Freestyle” Note: I do not have or use locking levers or a coaster brake on any of my tricks.
I would like to send a big thank you to all the volunteers, team riders & companies who constantly show support for the Nowear Compound. Thanks to all your support we are able to offer this 6 acre midwest paradise for BMX riders and fans to train, compete and simple enjoy the sport itself.
Anyone feel free to contact us and stop by sometime for a session. We are just 20 minutes off Interstate 80 in Nebraska. Right smack dabb in the center of the U.S.
Nowear is a rider owned, American made BMX company striving to grow the sport in the Midwest.


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