Motorcycle Riding Circle Wheelies Bike Vs Cops Stunt Bike Running From Cop Escapes

Bike Vs Cop! Watch police chase motorcycle stunt rider caught riding circle wheelies at a red light intersection. Street bike stunt rider performing stunts at a intersection is spotted by police. When cops attempt to pull over the motorcyclist for illegal stunt riding the biker ignores police flashing lights and sirens and counties doing circles wheelies till a police officers patrol car almost hits the biker. The motorcycle stunt rider sets down the wheelie and takes off out running both police officers patrol cars. Stunt biker is almost caught by cops but get away and out runs cops chasing the rider for doing illegal stunts on the street. The make and model of the street bike featured in this video is a 2003 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-636 or ZX6R stunt bike. Motorbike rider performing tricks gets swoop on by the police and gets away out running multiple law enforcement vehicles. You’ll see the biker escape from the police.


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