motorcycle jumps grand canyon ROBBIE KNIEVEL!

live jump plus replays of different camera angles. brass balls included.
eddie Haynes supplied the folowling info. thanks eddie
A lot of you are complaining that he took a bit of a tumble at the end. The number one reason was on that side of the canyon was still part of a American Indian Tribe and it took a lot of dealing with the Chief of the tribe to not disturb the natural land.To keep it as natural as possible was the only way they give Robbie Knievel to make the jump there.It was planned for him to ditch the motorcycle after he cleared the landing.He kinda messed up when he cleared the ramp and hitting the small bump but he still was able to nail the jump and land. A complete success of dumping the bike and making a clean jump.I know that a lot of you are complaining about the tumble but it was planned.I think it took him a little over two years before the Indian Chief said yes but the land had to remain almost as it was before the jump


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