Moskow Bridge Ukraine and Shanghai Tower

Welcome to the Moscow Bridge in Kiev, Ukraine. It’s 390ft high and crosses the Dnieper river. James Kingston wants to play on it. He had seen freerunners and urban explorer climb this incredible and dangerous bridge on Youtube, so he straps his camera to his head and brings you the amazing POV.

Daredevil James Kingston back flips on top of Moscow Bridge”for 4 days & I’m already itching to disappear again. … Climbing the Moscow Bridge with Mustang Wanted – the 1st of my new 6 part series “On the … Steeplejacks working on top of the 240m high Woolworth building in New York in the …and daredevil James Kingston over the 390 foot high Moscow Bridge in Kiev Ukraine … James Kingston and Mustang on Moscow Bridge – Don’t Look Down … to get it because the plant is closed it would be my honor plz wright me back Austin …. and I can see it clearly from here, there must be a hell of a view from the top!- James Kingston climbs 380 feet to the top of the Moscow Bridge in Kiev; Then … Daredevil James Kingston back flips on top of Moscow Bridge …’Mustang Wanted’ scaled 377ft Moscow Bridge in Ukraine unharnessed; Stunt features in C4 film about British free climber James Kingston, 23; Lives … The Ukranian daredevil known as Mustang Wanted dangles off a 377ft high bridge … No fear: The pair of young men on top of the bridge, which carries …James Kingston is a 23 year old who lives with his mother near Southampton. … heading to the iconic Moscow bridge to attempt Mustang’s latest death defying stunt. … Russian Daredevils: Adrenaline Rush On Top Of The World (RT … Nerves of Steel: Daredevil climber conquers Stalin Skyscrapers by RT …


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