Massive Underwater Base Discovered?

Has a massive underwater base been discovered off the coast of Malibu, California?

In a story that is blowing up around the internet, an alleged massive underwater base has been found in Malibu, California in Google Maps.

This funky looking plateau structure is about 1.35 miles wide by 2.45 miles long. It’s about 7 miles from land. The structure looks to have a ceiling that is 500 feet thick — which would supposedly make it nuclear bomb proof.

You can see what looks to be its 600 feet tall pillars holding it up out in front.

Coincidentally or not, Malibu, California is also known for numerous UFO and USO sightings — so there could be a possible connection.

Others believe that this isn’t an underwater base at all — it’s just a simple land formation that happens to look like an underwater base from the right angle in Google Maps. Basically it looks something like this only covered with a bunch of sand.

Anomalies like this can also happen due to the way ocean mapping works and the inability to get a perfect picture of everything.

What do you think?


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