Kambo CLEANSE for lymph & nervous system

Troy Casey, Certified Health Nut discusses his experience doing Kambo or Sapo as they call it in the Colombian Amazon Rain Forest. It basically frog poison that they put on an open wound that is burned into your skin. Within 15 minutes I puke and evacuated my bowels. Its similar to getting the flu for a couple of hours. The tribes use it for initiation, laziness, weakness and for clarity before hunting. Indians also use it as a vaccine for malaria and overall health.

Troy’s experience was one of immense clarity after doing it twice in 3 days. A big healing physically, spiritually & emotionally. He experienced a serious lymphatic drainage and clean feeling of lightness.

“Kambo circulates in the heart. Our shaman said that when we take Kambo it makes the heart move accurately, so that things flow, bringing good things to a person. It is as if a cloud hovered over a person, preventing good things from coming, then, when he takes the Kambo the cloud lifts away, making things easier.”

There have been studies on the chemical compounds in Kambo and more research is needed to understand it better for the western mind. The Indians have a clear picture of its use and use it often.

I Only recommended for those who are COMMITTED to spiritual growth! It is NOT for the faint of heart! It is NOT psycho active but is so powerful that it alters your state of consciousness.


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