How To Remotely Shutdown Any Computer

This demonstration shows how to initiate a shutdown remotely on another computer, using vector matrix technology. Easily, one can shutdown other people’s computers along with a dialog box message.
Batch file to warm up processor (not malicious, check for yourself!): This video is only a tutorial/demonstration, and should not be used maliciously. I am not responsible for how the information given in this video is used.


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  • Fucktards Watch this

    Lol, The sad part is this will only work on computers connected to the same router as yours, and It is patched for windows 7 and up.

  • ID10tError

    This is total sarcasm for those of you who don’t get it. The background is meant to just look cool like you are doing computer magic, and the command itself is an ultra basic, very very very very well known sys admin command.

    Considering the comments here though… I would say the joke is working well.

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