F1 car vs F-18 Hornet fighter jet

F1 car vs F-18 Hornet fighter jet – Red Bull Daniel Ricciardo F1 car races fighter jet [AMAZING!] F1 car vs F-18 Hornet fighter jet – formula one 1 car races fighter jet race car vs airplane Now that’s what you call a drag race, Formula One race car takes on F 18 Hornet fighter jet”Formula One latest news f you re-write and tweet individual story headlines don’t forget to include #F1. … The easiest to identify are of course the #F1 ngine: V6 1.6l turbo boosted by electric motor
Power: 750bhp
Top speed: 205mph (estimated)
Weight: 690kg
Electronics: MESL standard Electronic Control Unit
Optional extras: Wet weather tyres / Fluffy dice / go faster stripe / F-1 champs Red Bull line up new driver Daniel Ricciardo alongside Royal Australian Air Force jet


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