Docking Spacecraft To Nasa’s ISS 03/27/2015

LookNowTV presents a UFO Sighting in The Soyuz TMA-16M vehicle docked to the International Space Station at 9:33 p.m. EDT. This UFO was captured on video earlier this evening on March, 27 2015. Later during the docking Full Video we noticed several lens flares that could be confused as UFOs. We analyzed it as fast as possible and did not include it in this video. We felt they were not UFOs and perhaps we can analyze them in another video at a later date. We wanted to get this UFO Sighting out ASAP because we feel this is a genuine UFO. You might be able to see the full Nasa docking video below (Depending on what date you viewed this video), Nasa repeats some recent videos in their ISS live feed.


Category: Never on TV, UFO
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