Anonymous – World War III is on the Horizon

Greetings citizens of the world,

The drums of war echo in the distance once again and the threat is all too familiar and real. The Ukraine continues to be a potentially explosive hot-spot in a proxy war that threatens to escalate into a much broader conflict, posing a direct threat to every citizen of this planet. The United States, European Union, and Russia continue to play an extremely dangerous game, gambling with the lives of the Ukrainian people and ultimately the world. (It’s thought over 1,000 Russian troops are operating inside the Ukraine. Additionally, U.S. troops are to be deployed within the country as “training instructors” for the Ukrainian military by spring 2015).

How many more wars? How many more people have to die? Enough is enough, these strategic war games need to cease! This isn’t a game and there are no winners, you’ve all lost and the result is over 5,000 dead in the Ukraine, 200,000 dead in Syria. Your proxy wars are over, end this now! If you fail to heed this warning a third world war is inevitable. Millions will die and every single one of their deaths will be by your incompetence as so called “leaders”.

This is a call to every peace seeker, to every valuer of truth & honesty, to every being of unity and progress. You are the ones that must stand together and rise in the face of conflict. We can stand united and show that we will not allow ourselves to be used as pawns in a never ending game of lies and adversity. The future of this species relies on the choices we make right now. The outcome of our actions will have a lasting impact on generations to come. Do not come to regret the future you created for your children and their children. This is your opportunity to make a difference and put peace above self-interests, to change and redesign the status quo. This is your chance to create something truly magnificent!

We are Anonymous,
We are Legion,
We can Forgive,
Though we shall Never Forget,
Expect Us.


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