Anonymous Warning about fake Anons

To many fake anons are spreading the internet trying to discredit the Anonymous and and too many greedy impostors using the Anonymous name to profit.

Also these government agents are making many accounts on social media trying to spread propaganda and give Anonymous a bad name – Beware!

The last think Anonymous wants is for people to see such fakes and believe this is the real way of Anons who support the Anonymous idea.

True Anons do not profit and we do not support of show favor to any political party, politician or government, they are all evil, greedy and controlled by our world’s elite.

We mention a 2 pages in this video who are doing just that, profiting from the Anonymous name and using their large fan base to sell merchandise and even support politicians.

Such persons are considered FAKE amongst us and they do not have the respect given to real Anons who genuinely help those on our earth.

Learn more here: Why we made this video?

Basically because AnonHQ are turning people away from Anonymous, profiting from the Anonymous name, click baiting their large support base and supporting politicians.


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