Anonymous Operation Cash Run

Greetings. This is a message from Anonymous. The people of the world have spoken. They have taken to the streets in mass protest. As we watched the revolution unfold on Twitter and Livestream, Facebook and the rest. We saw your accomplishments. Main stream media could not silence you. You have stood your ground for over a month now, kudos. We are proud of you. You are winning. And in this class war, Anonymous stands with you. We are your artillery, we are your air support.
Because wars are not won through bravery alone, but through denial of services to one’s enemy, Anonymous encourages you to join us in Operation Cash Run on, or before, November 5th. Open an account at your local credit union and close all banking accounts with large international banks. The people’s wealth should be used to build communities, rather than to finance corruption and reward criminal behavior. Educate yourselves on how currency affects the world around you. Do not allow anyone to think for you. Credit unions have no share holders but their members. They do not have marketing budgets or large franchises as they are local entities. They are not-for-profit, meaning they operate only to serve their members rather than to maximize their own income. Excess earnings are used to offer members more affordable loans, higher dividends on savings, and lower fees. Operation Cash Run will both strengthen your community and weaken the forces of global corruption. Your hard-earned assets will be put to their proper use, elevating your families and neighborhoods from poverty and building stronger, more resilient, institutions. Your money is your voice, and the present system has allowed financial criminals to steal them both at will. Join us in taking them back. Call out loud and clear for an improved way of life.


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