Anonymous message to the ISIS

Hello World, this is a massage to the I.S. and all the islamic fundamentalists.

We have been watching your barbarism in the middle east, your infiltration of our western enlightened societies and your effort to gather an horde of misguided obedient fools
to estabilsh an, so called, islamic state,
where murder, rape, terror and mass executions are a daily occurrence.

We can’t approve your aim to spread the radical islam around the whole world, denying the pleasure of music, alcohol and sex, refusing to accept the achievements and benefits from science, liberal arts, freedome of speech and freedome of faith.

You have grown fat in our tolerant societies, but now our time has come, and we won’t remain silent anymore.
You worship death and total submission. We worship freedom and personal fulfillment.
Your strenght is the consequence of blind allegiance, ours is the result of the free will, the creativity and the knowledge of thousands of man and women.
You will fail, and probably you will be defeated and killed. But that’s none of our business.

With great discontent we noticed that, although you hate our western way of life and the technological progress,
your use of technology to spread your wicked propaganda has grown by an intolerable amount. Our internet is interspersed with your hubris. Therefore we decided to reclaim our territory, and disturb, interrupt and destroy your abusive usage of the internet. We are your worst nightmares, we won’t make a martyr of you, but we will pour derision upon anythung you do.

You won’t finde us, because we are every where.
You can’t eliminate us, beacuse for each of us who falls, ten more will take his place.
Knowledge is free.
We are anonymous .
We are legion.
We don’t forget.
We don’t forgive.
Expect us.


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