Anonymous-Message to the City of Ferguson

We are Anonymous.

The world witnessed the tragic announcement made by the grand jury in denying an indictment that would have put murderer Darren Wilson on trial for murder. We as a collective condemn the decision made by the grand jury. It comes as no surprise however, that this decision was made. We were quite INFORMED that justice was dead in Ferguson when Mike Brown took his last breath and Darren Wilson ran free.
We are certain that Darren Wilson is guilty of murder despite the lies and falsified evidence that POLICE spent 108 days perfecting. Justice has been given a chance to run its course, and has failed pathetically. Neither the prosecutor nor the President of the United States can deny this.
Yet they will BEAT around the bush and call witness accounts illegitimate.
The violence committed by police tonight has been disgusting and they have blatantly lied and used their authority to mislead the media into thinking peaceful protesters defending themselves are simply destructive rioters.
1) Police lied about firing tear gas and convinced the media that it was just smoke to disperse protesters. Upon quick confirmation from the various Live-streamers, reporters, and protesters on the ground, we all knew that it was INDEED tear gas.
2) Police lied about the cause of protesters smashing and setting a St Louis County Squad CAR on fire. Police stated it was the cause of spontaneous angry rioters who were adamant in causing trouble. The reality was, upon confirmation made by protesters on the ground, the squad car was attempting to run peaceful protesters over who were marching on the street. The officer then departed his vehicle, pointed his gun at the crowd, and fired shots in the air. The officer then made a run for it towards two squad cars who were behind the crowd,
in their legitimate anger, began to destroy the squad car.
The Ferguson issue cannot be ignored or forgotten. We will not allow this event to pass without solid, legitimate, and concrete CHANGE, and to allow this change to begin, we must either fix the system, or destroy it completely, and rebuild it for its people. We will not allow these POLICE DEPARTMENTS to lie to us yet again. We are the law now.
The world is WATCHING, and it is time for us to act. We will avenge Mike Brown, Vonderrit Myers, and all who have died in the hands of evil.
We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not FORGIVE.
We do not forget.
To the St Louis and St Louis County, Ferguson, and all surrounding Police DEPARTMENTS,
Be prepared to expect us, for we, are coming in force.


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