Anonymous Message To ISIS DON’T TREAD US 2014

hello citizens of the world this is your anonymous commander since you know Isis is still sending treads to the u.s and u.k and Russia the president of the united states has send 300 troops to Iraq to help and protect the people that don’t want to get involved with Isis

we warn you again Isis you have taking one of our American citizen and this not over just because you did that i does not mean we will back down no sir we will fight back as well as you know the U.K is getting real tired of your crap their gonna do a part

you want to invade Russia their gonna whoop your ass badly if you keep saying your gonna take over them as well no nation wants to be taking over by some idiots who are fighting over nothing

you are making anyone to your team including the children how stupid from you i will tell you this Isis be ready for the war you want because the nations will rise against you and all your idiotic army

this message goes to all nations to join us the anonymous team to help each other out yes the government sometimes does not like nether support our ideas we are not terrorist we are people just like you fighting for our freedom
and for our rights and peace we don’t want to see people killing each other for no reasons

this war Isis has started makes no sense and we are gonna help because the world is our as well and we are willing to help you not to support government no its to save all people from Iraq

i really hate that matter of fact its getting out of hand do not fear them fight back against them they want war we want peace and not war with them as i see the idiots using child soldiers its killing me deeply because i cant not believe what kind of mind Isis has to use children for the war economy

people from all nations if you are listening to this message share it with all our people do not fear nothing help each other and lets finish this and put an end to it join us join the fight and help us support

the people that are suffering at the moment rise your own little army and lets fight back till we finish them and wipe them off the center of the world and …

Isis as you send the message to president Obama as you told him is like your telling all the united states of America to stay way from you guys …

well think again ..

stay the fuck away from us !!!!! and be ready for what is coming !!! you motherfucker !!!!!

we will be watching all your movements and your actions till we get what we want our peace till then we will continue to encourage others to fight back to get what we want as i said don’t fear no one your not alone will help as well to bring justice on the half of all those people you have kill and justice will be made and i can promise you that be aware of all of us will be watching you ISIS ….


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