ANONYMOUS – Message to Illuminati 2015


Greetings world. We are anonymous. Last year, december tenth 2013, a video was posted to the ill oom a noti. That video was considered as a threat. Last year we promised downfall of the ill oom a noti. Now, we shall keep our promise. Recently, anonymous and sky n 53 s n 7 have been working together and have created an operation. This operation has been labeled Operation ill oom a noti 2015. Last year an evolution began. A voice was herd. Today we are taking action. Our promise will be kept.

We are anonymous. We are sky n 53 s n 7. This is an official message to the world. As of last year, we have sent out a message. December of 2013 a video was posted to a group known as the Illuminati. This was an official threat from a source from sky n 53 s n 7. As of today, an operation has been created. This operation was titled Operation Illuminati 2015. We are here to keep our word. We promised downfall of this group, now there will be downfall. Suspected members of the illuminati will be targeted and punished at full extent of anonymous and sky n 53 s n 7. We are here to let the citizens of the world know that you are not alone. You are never alone. We are always keeping watch, we see when something is wrong, and we act when something is done. We will restore freedom on the internet. However, this is not only on the internet. We are in physical form as well. We are always here. The Illuminati has viewed our videos and ignored us. This will be no more. Operation Illuminati 2015 is going to be engaged all out by all members of sky n 53 s n 7 and anonymous. Targets will have their computers seized and their files leaked. This will happen one at a time. Then the operation will increase, and turn into a global movement. It will never be stopped. To the Illuminati: It is a shame that it has come to this. However, what else should we have expected? Surely you were not going to comply. You have an attitude of violence, greed, hate, anger, and above all, bloodthurst. However, one thing you lack is patience. Behind closed doors we all know what you do. You kidnap whoever disagrees with your message. Illuminati, do you plan on kidnapping us? What will you accomplish from that? Is that what will get you wet at night is knowing that you have the power to take the life out of a human being? Is it that you are liked by nobody else so you have to make other peoples lives bad? What is your goal? What are your secrets? They will be revealed in 2015. Prepare for operation Illuminati 2015. Sky n 53 s n 7 is signing off. Illuminati, do your worst. That is certainly what you are best at. We are anonymous. We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. We are here. We are staying. Too bad you did not expect us.


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