Anonymous – Message to all gang related citizens

Greetings world, we are anonymous.

For years, a war has been raging within the urban streets of the United States. It was not until the events of Ferguson and Baltimore, when this war ceased. Before we speak any further, we are not declaring war against the Crips, the Bloods or any other gang. Nor are we asking them, or you, to do X.

This message is aimed at those who have not been informed of a truce. A truce between the Bloods, and the Crips. We are here to send a message of reason, to those who have not heard of the Crips and Bloods standing shoulder to shoulder with the common man in the streets of Baltimore, and Ferguson. From now on, the Bloods and the Crips are NOT gangs, but freedom fighters. Ridding scum and poverty off the streets, they now claim to serve, and protect. Bringing about knowledge, and positive change. We encourage other rival gangs to do the same. To unify with one another, and to stand alongside the common man, and to fix the system the powers that be have broken in order to exploit you, and your family. By no means is this a call to arms against a system that has not only blemished society, but has not listened to the people’s demands. As we’ve stated, we are not ordering no one to do X, Y and Z.


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