Angelo d’Arrigo – Born to Fly

Only four months after world-renowned hang-glider and paraglider, Angelo D’Arrigo, was killed in a plane crash in 2006, his widow returns to the site of one of his most profound expeditions. Sunlight pierces the sacred Valley of the Incas. An emotional Laura looks on as Massimo plays out her late-husband’s dream, soaring over the ancient Peruvian landscape with condors, Inca and Maya. Angelo spent a year living with Inca and Maya, describing his time rehabilitating them for life in the wild as the most incredible of his entire flying career. In sharing the secrets of flying, Angelo and his young condors crossed the mysterious boundary separating man and bird. Only time will tell if the condors will successfully adapt to their new life but, for now, Angelo’s spirit lives on. It is the culmination of an extraordinary human tale of dreams, fallibility, tragedy and ultimately, hope.


About The Author

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