Above All Else // By Live Unbound

At Live Unbound we believe in pushing yourself to be greater through what you love and doing whatever it takes to overcome mental and physical constraints. Once in awhile we come across a real life story that embodies this message. A story of falling madly in love with your dream. Then using that passion to overcome the massive obstacles that appear in the journey of realizing it. This is that story.
This documentary was made possible by Frank Casares who believed in us and funded the project. We had a small crew of 5 people and shot on a RED epic, RED dragon, 5D Mark ii and the Inspire Copter. The biggest challenge was the slow motion skydiving scene which was filmed by Craig O’Brien. Those were shot on the RED dragon at 200 fps. Due to wind, we only had 4 jumps to make it happen but Craig and skydivers Brad Patterson and Dalten Kadow nailed it.
Currently we’re searching for the next great story to tell. We encourage people to reach out to us if they have one or know somebody who does.
Thanks for watching!
Executive Producer
Frank Casares
Directed and Edited by
Yali Sharon
Director of Photography
Eric Gillespie
Aerial Cinematographer
Craig O’Brien
Camera Operators
Norman Kent
Richard Stuart
John Leming
Kylor Melton
Geoffrey Boynton
Yali Sharon
Harmon Clarke
Grant Chen
Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld
Dan skydiving: Brad Patterson
James Skydiving: Dalten Kadow
Dan’s Girlfriend: Adriana Zyskowski
Dan Hospital: Jalil Houssain
Doctor: Joe Galligan


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