42A0120 – G25D31

00:17 – Dust plume shortly after the collapse of South Tower (WTC2) at 9:59am. Shot from West Street.

05:20 – Inside WTC7 lobby at around 10:15am. Running up the escalator to the 3rd floor. Secret Service agent Bennette (OST) at 6:55.
Later on Vesey Street, looking east on it’s south face and the 3rd floor promenade (09:42).

11:30 – At the base of the North Tower (west face).
Heavily damaged Marriott Hotel (WTC3) due South Tower debris.

16:16 – WTC1 survivor Mike Benfante, Network Plus, 81st floor.

18:07 – North Tower (WTC1) falls at 10:28am.
Videographer: Mark LaGanga, CBS


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