10 American Conspiracy Theories You Need to Know

10. The Birth Certificate

9. 11

8. The Democratic System

7. Mystery Man at Declaration of Independance.

6. Pearl Harbor

5. Chemtrails
Many people in the US believe firmly that gas emitted by jets and other planes are mixed with toxins or other chemicals through chemtrails. Sometimes you look into the sky and you see a bunch of them! Aviation experts are likely to tell you that’s just what happens when fuel gets released that high up into the atmosphere but people do have a reason to be concerned with this. It’s been proven that army scientists were releasing top secret compounds such as cadmium sulfide over the skies of St. Louis. Others believe that the experiments haven’t stopped and they’re trying to create or already have different chemicals that can provoke weather changes, while some think the chemicals play a role in dumbing down the public.

4. Denver Illuminati Headquarters
If the illuminati were conducting their dirty little meetings somewhere, you would imagine they would be more secretive about the location right? The airport in Denver has sparked many conspiracy theories and when you take a look at some of the artwork, you may begin to believe the same. This photo you see here is of the 9000 pound mustang that stands 32 feet tall in front of some epic looking clouds in the background. The red eyes almost make you believe it’s evil. This photo here shows a warlord destroying villages and making everyone miserable. The woman on the phone seems unphased by the intimidating artwork. Why would something like this be at an airport of all places. It keeps going and potentially the most convincing piece of evidence is this stone.

3. Janet Airlines
We’re sure you’re now familiar with Area 51 after seeing our recent video, but you have to be asking yourself one question,”how does the military transport workers there”. The government has a fleet of small passenger planes at a terminal in Las Vegas’ McCarran International airport. Some believe that Janet actually stands for “Just Another Non Existent Terminal.” Don’t think you can just simply buy a ticket on this airlines. All the aircraft supposedly go to area 51 and none of the names of the passengers are available. If something were to happen to one of the flights, no one would even know. When people try to identify the plane from the tail number on the back, all that comes back is that it’s a government owned plane. These seemingly innocent looking passenger jets shouldn’t fool you and they head right through restricted airspace. Others claim that the secrecy around this airlines is because if the government needs an “accident” to happen, they could do so relatively undetected.

2. Tesla Alternative Energy
A famous person once said, “give a man a fish, they get hungry and will come back. If you a man to fish, you’ll feed them for a lifetime”. It is much more profitable for the government to simply give us energy than to teach us about what conspiracy theorists claim to be Tesla’s unlimited or extremely cheap source of energy. Instead we rely on them to provide us with fossil fuels and electricity for two main reasons. One because they want the money and two for the power! A free energy source would mean big oil companies go out of business and less reliance on the government. Some claim this type of energy was found during the Roswell crash while others believe that the scientist Nikola Tesla had designed it. The no cost pollution free energy that would utilise the earth’s natural, was suppressed in the early 1900s by various groups who believed their jobs were on the line. JP Morgan cut funding to Tesla’s tower in New York, when he found out that it might rival with his control over fossils fuels.

1. Treaty With Aliens
At the end of World War II America and her allies seemed be in good control of planet earth and technology was advancing at an exponential rate. Some conspiracy theorists claim that the nuclear bomb that was dropped and the testing going on attracted some attention from out of this world. They believe a peaceful species of humanoid alien known as the Pleiadians, urged with President Eisenhower that we disarm ourselves of nuclear weapons and they would help us become more spiritually advanced. But the US found this to suspicious and turned down their offering, fearing they would attack. Another more evil species of aliens known as the greys made contact with us and agreed to share their advanced technology but under one condition. The greys relied on a form of genetic cloning to stay in existence, and they wanted our DNA for genetic experiments. We made a treaty to keep all of this confidential and allow for them to abduct our people for these advancements we see in modern times.


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